Shire Meadows - Quality Beef you can trust
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Shire Meadows - Quality Beef you can trust Shire Meadows - Quality Beef you can trust

“We have created Shire Meadows to meet the demand from customers for meat from a source they can trust. We champion quality throughout our business and hand select the best of our meat for Shire Meadows.”

Nick and Chris Poxon, Directors

Why buy Shire Meadows Beef?
Shire Meadows Beef is from known farms only – all our beef is traceable, being raised on farms that we know.

Shire Meadows selects the best meat – produced to ensure a consistent prime quality product with superb flavour.

Shire Meadows cares about the environment – buying local produce leads to less ‘food miles’ and a reduction in environmental pollution.

Shire Meadows supports local businesses – Our beef is only available from skilled local butchers who are always ready to help you choose your cut and provide preparation and cooking advice.

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